Lazy Sundays Wanted

Weekends are a time to rest and to recuperate from the week of work, but for some reason I always find myself running around doing a zillion errands. Either its family visits, cleaning up the apartment, or just running out to sell that unused mobile phone before it gathers dust in a corner drawer, getting clothes fixed, and getting the air-conditioner cleaned. There is always so much to do. Too much to be of any good.

My brain feels overcharged, as if it is forever on an adrenaline rush.

In my twenties, I don’t remember feeling tired. I could leave the house every evening and never feel a need to stay home. If I had no plans, I would at least stop by the grocery store on the way home, or call up my good friends for a chat. That was what energized me.

In my thirties, I feel I need a lot more “me” time. Time to just let my brain sit quietly by itself and think. Time to really feel rested. I like to just come “home” after a day’s work to just relax in front of the TV or with some good music playing in the background as I go about doing this and that. I feel energized by having some ‘rest’ days.

Lately, my Lazy Sundays have been filled with a zillion errands. It’s about time I reclaimed them back. I want a day to just wake up, take a stroll in the garden, read a good book and listen to some soft music, go out to a coffee shop, or catch that movie I’ve been thinking about.

It’s time to cut out some unnecessary errands, or perhaps just plan them a bit better. Sunday will be the day I plan: 1) when to exercise, 2) what food I’ll eat for the week and 3) how many “rest” days are needed. Hmm….is that enough? Do you still have your lazy Sundays? or is it just me?