Getting Rid of Lazy Bones

Wow, its been half a year since I’ve been able to lose 15 kg and keep my weight off. I still look back every now and then in disbelief. I wonder how I was so disciplined, but in the end I did it and finished. I no longer have to “lose” weight. All I have to do is “maintain” it.

Maintaining is definitely easier than “losing” weight and has none of the pressures that comes with aiming for the goal, but it isn’t easy. Trying to be healthy all the time isn’t easy. It is something that requires conscious effort at all times. It’s a work in progress like everything else in life, but if you work at it, it can be done.

These past few weeks, my fitness routine has gone haywire after my route to work was blocked, and my fitness closed for a couple days. Still the chubby girl inside, and with a lazy bone, I find myself giving excuses not to go run. The battle in my mind returns. The lazy bones versus the fit bones.

As I step on the treadmill and pluck in my usual speed, I find it hard to run at the same pace I was running previously. I end up having to push myself harder to keep the same rate of fitness. My mind forever wants to stop, but I have no excuse. I know I can run it, because I’ve run it before. All I have to do is ‘run’.

I lose focus and keep staring at the time. 1 minute feels like eternity. There is nothing exciting on the TV, the lady next to me is walking, I want to walk, the time is ticking, I hear my stomach growl, I feel my feet start to ache, I can hear the shower calling me. A million thoughts rush through my mind. All giving me reasons to stop. Reasons to stop torturing myself with this running.

It amazes me how fast my running deteriorates after just a week off. Your body regains it’s unhealthy habits. I realize it’s better to just keep the pace going, keep running regularly. Just set the date on the calendar and run when its time to run.

If I stop and restart again, it becomes a painful experience and I’m likely to revert back into my fat habits. The evil lazy bone inside wants to conquer, but this time it will lose. The fit bones have set out the dates on the calendar and earmarked them exercise days. No matter what, on those days running will prevail and lazy bones shall no longer be.

Running and keeping fit is a mental battle that never ends. Yes, No, Yes , No…. Just put the “Yes” with the running and “No” to the lazy bones. “Yes” to a healthy life and “No” to fat habits. It’s just a little reprogramming inside our heads. 😛 Just kill the virus.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Lazy Bones

  1. my wrestling coach used to say – 7 weeks to get in shape, 7 days to get out of shape. and that was when we were teenagers. the ratio is definitely harder now…!

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