Crispy Coconut Pancakes

Food. It’s something you can never get enough of it. It makes this world much more colorful and enjoyable. Afterall, it’s the little things in life that makes the journey worthwhile. Today I want to share with you another favorite food of mine at Sri Yan which is a stall that sells the thai snack called “Kanom Krok.” Conveniently, the stall is just outside the beef noodle shop so my beef noodle outing is almost always accompanied by some kanom krok. Great isn’t it?

Kanom krok is a Thai snack made with a mixture of coconut milk, rice flour, salt, and sugar. It’s cooked in a specially made pan that has several round craters in which the mixture is poured and left to cook. Once the outside is crispy and the filling cooked, the little pancakes are scooped up and ready for eating.

What I love about them is that you can choose your filling. The kanom krok usually comes with a choice of plain, or sprinkled with a bit of corn, or taro and a few other fillings. The great thing about this particular stall at Sri Yan is that they cook the little pancakes into just the right amount of crispiness and the filling isn’t too sweet or too heavy with flour. Each bite gives you a perfect balance of crispy and soft coupled with the smell that is just joy to the senses.

The kanom krok has a special appeal to me as they also remind me of my primary school days, when I’d try to cook my own little coconut pancakes at home. I had a traditional little clay stove fired by coal, and would sit in the garden cooking my very own kanom krok. I don’t remember them coming out too tasty, but it was fun nevertheless. I wonder what happened to that stove…

Anyways, like all good things, becareful how much you eat! Coconut, flour and sugar aren’t too healthy, but then what is life if you can’t enjoy some good food? Just go run it off 🙂