Sri Yan Beef Noodles

This noon, while waiting for the Metropolitan Electricity Authority office to open, I decided to go have lunch at my favorite beef noodle shop in town. It’s at Sri Yan which is an old market area in the ‘old’ part of bangkok between Samsen road and Nakorn Ratchasima road and just a few minutes walk away.

An old sign hangs above the entrance saying it has the approved mark of “Shell Shuan Shim” which is Thailand’s equivalent to the world renown “Michelin Guide.” The sign is a testament to the shop’s age. It has the original logo before Shell decided to change it 28 years ago.

The beef noodle restaurant must therefore have been around at least 30 years, yet it still brims with customers every lunch time. Seats are filled quickly, and so are the orders. They are so successful, they have two cooking areas and the shop extends to the back making it equivalent to two restaurants. Waitresses run back and forth, extremely efficient in their tasks.

The funny thing about this restaurant is that they price goes up by increments of 1 Thai Baht. I remember, when I first discovered this restaurant around 6 years ago, it was 22 thb ($70cents in today’s exchange rate) per bowl. Since then, it has slowly gone up to today’s price of 30thb per bowl.

The beef noodle never disappoints me. The clear soup is rich in flavor and the beef balls tasty. There are two types of meat balls: one made of pure beef and the other with tendon (look-chin-end). It comes with a choice of either beef brisket (nueu pueu) or thinly sliced beef (shin sod). Either with or without soup, it is equally tasty. I usually end up having to buy some back to eat at home.

My stomach growls just thinking about it. My mouth starts to water. I better stop describing it, before I end up unnecessarily snacking on some food. Bon Apetit!