A Little Escape

This past Saturday, while waiting for an appointment, I had the opportunity to try out a little coffee shop that stood in a quiet part of Soi Aree 1, Paholyothin Road. Those who live around there probably already know about this place, but it was new discovery for me. Wawee Coffee.

Wawee coffee at Soi Aree 1 has a quaint little atmosphere to it. It is housed in an old-styled house that is at least 20 years old, and renovated to accomodate the coffee drinkers. Brick walls, alternated with wood and funky chandeliers make the place warm and inviting. It feels like home away from home.

Unlike some places which are so small you can hardly sit, at Wawee coffee there were more than enough tables, chairs and sofas for you to find a comfortable little spot from which to escape from the world.

The wonderful thing about this place is that there are different kinds of seating for you to choose depending upon your mood or preference. There is the gazebo on the porch, the table on the patio, the sofa in the stained glass room, the stool by the front window, or the little chair by the book corner. I personally enjoy the sofa in the front room where I can get a view of people walking by and glimpse a little bit of green outside the window.

It is somewhere you can easily spend a couple hours with a good book, good music and a hot cup of tea. As I sat there reading some magazines and playing with my iPhone, I told myself: “I have to come back again, I have to make some more time for myself to just sit, relax, and escape from the crowd.” It’ll be my little hiding place. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂