For Power and Greed

Today my country is in a state of anarchy. Anything could happen.

Today the government warned the protestors, like they had been during these past two months, to leave the area. Flyers were dispersed over
the protest site, so that women, elderly people and children could leave. Safety areas were set up for them. Innocent people don’t need
to be harmed and the government has repeatedly sent out this message.

In fact, our Eton and Oxford educated prime minister has been so concerned about not hurting anyone that he has let this protest go on for 2 months. If we had people camp out in the middle of the central business district in any other country or had protestors setting up their own checkpoints and demanding to check your belongings, setting up road blocks, and burning tyres, I think we would have seen much more force and violence.

This would never happen anywhere else. Force would have been used.

We had been too lenient on the protests and the government even had bathrooms erected for them. Malls and five star hotels which were once the pride of Bangkok had been closed down for over a month.

In situations like these you discover how much people really care for you. Red shirt leaders had been reluctant to let the elderly, women, or children leave for fear of their own lives. They serve as a protective shield because they know soldiers will not fire at them.

It shows how much morality one has, to use the weak and the vulnerable as a protective shield.

Today, I saw children being placed on front line positions so that the adults would be protected.

Interestingly, the man who the protestors all love and admire, Thaksin Shinawatr, and will go so far as to die for him, has long left the country with his family. Leaving others to do the dirty job for him while he lives in safety and luxury.

Being the richest man in Bangkok through corruption and implementing policies that serve his and his friends’ business deals, he can afford to hire world class lawyers, buy houses abroad and even hire his own set of media reporters.

I read wikepedia’s biography of our Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and was dismayed to see how one sided and biased it was. Foreign media was bad enough, now I am realizing even encyclopedias I thought were neutral cannot be trusted. It dismays me.

Money can buy anything. It even bought him Montenegrin citizenship. But it can’t buy happiness. And he isn’t a happy man.

Greed and power have ruined my prospering country and things will never be the same. For one man’s desire to return to power, he has led the entire country into chaos. Power and money that will serve him no good when he is dead and ash.

I don’t know how much longer this state of anarchy will last. I just hope the rule of law will prevail.