Sleeping Beauty

I love sleeping, but I don’t nearly get as much as I would like to.   Some weeks I’m great at forcing myself to bed at a certain time so I get my full 8 hours sleep, other weeks I end up sleeping late playing with my new gadgets or just surfing the web.  Then it becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break out of.

On weeks that I do get enough sleep, I find that I perform a lot better at everything I do, whether its work, running or just emotionally.  I am less prone to losing my anger and my brain regains its speed.  Problems become easier to solve, memories run faster, and I find it easier to control my weight.  Apparently, sleep helps regulate the hormones that control our appetite! Isn’t that a wonderful thing?  I slept more when I needed to lose weight.
According to Harvard Medical School, sleep is important in helping our memory retain data both before and after we learn a new task.  They also found that inadequate sleep affects your mood, motivation, judgment and perception of events.
Others mention that sleep helps reduce heart attacks and strokes.  It has been attributed to help reduce risks of cancer as exposure to light reduces the much needed melatonin, which has been said to help protect against cancer.  Another side benefit: sleep is also great for your complexion!
I think somewhere at the back of our minds, we all know the benefits of sleep, but oftentimes we forget.  We forget that it is important to sleep and then we spend time instead doing other things, working, or trying to trying to squeeze in more accomplishments before our time on earth is up.
Just take a pause from the rush rush of everyday life, sleep and amazingly you will feel like you have more time on your hands!! 🙂
Sweet dreams and good night!