Noodles for lunch

Here’s an entertaining story.  In my family we mostly have noodles for lunch and everything else is eaten during dinner. It became a convention that I grew up with and didn’t question much.  I thought it was the “norm” in most households.

I spent my childhood in Europe and did my studies in the US. Whenever I had noodles, I had it for lunch. I never considered having it for dinner. Then I moved back to Thailand. I still ate noodles for lunch. There are so many varieties, I could never get bored of it.

Then one day, Alex asked if I wanted to have noodles for dinner? “Noodles for dinner?” I repeated with a surprised look on my face.

No, I didn’t want noodles for dinner. It felt strange, “noodles don’t belong at dinnertime.” It’s a “lunch” food! It just didn’t feel right in my brain. It felt misplaced and abnormal.  The concept of “noodles” and “dinner” just didn’t match.

Did other people eat noodles for dinner? Apparently they do.  I was the odd one out.  When asked, people apparently had noodles all day long in Bangkok.  Some even had it for breakfast!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we are so used to a convention that we never question it?  It never really occurred in my mind why I always had noodles for lunch.  I was just accustomed to having it the way I was brought up.  It was merely a tiny aspect of my life, that I didn’t think much about, but I guess we are all creatures of habit.
I now realize noodles can be eaten anytime of the day and that it wasn’t a prevalent “norm”, but I still like having my “noodles for lunch.” Dinner is saved for other dishes 🙂 Bon Appetit!