Shoe size?

Its the weekend so lets skip politics today and revert back to
something light. 🙂 I was talking about shoes and shoe sizes today and
thought I'd share a funny fact that my shoe size changed after I lost

Once we've past puberty and stopped growing, who would have thought
that shoe size would change? I mean, my feet doesn't have that much
fat does it? They actually do.

At my peak weight, I wore a shoe size 39. Now I wear a 38 or 37.5
depending on the style. My shoe size dropped by half a size after
roughly 5 kgs. Now 15 kgs (34lbs) later, it has dropped by one whole

It makes buying shoes easier! YEAH!!:) However, its also more
standard so if I want to get shoes on sale, I'd better go early! (Or
maybe this whole shoe size thing is my excuse to buy some shoes? What
do you think?)