Too much of "Me"

Here’s a sad but true reality:   if constantly exposed to violence we grow accustomed to it.   News that previously shocked us no longer have the same impact.  It makes me wonder, are we humans really that insensitive? or is it a reflection of ourselves?  Perhaps we don’t care enough about things and events outside of our lives?  Perhaps some of us are just too self-absorbed to care.

This past afternoon, there was once again a clash between the authorities and the red shirts.  We watched the news on TV amidst an already hectic workday.  Interestingly, today most of us just stood and watched for a few minutes and as the news changed, we each went back to our seats and meetings and continued on working as if nothing happened.  As if all was fine.    Is that all the attention that was deserved for such an event?  I think not.
Some of us, me included, have lessened the amount of time we spend listening to the news to reduce our stress levels.   I am too absorbed in politics, I can’t help but keep talking about it. How will this end for Thailand?  How will we solve this income inequality?  
Economic prosperity has benefitted those in the city, but the rural poor have seen little difference.  For them, each morning they wake up and wonder where their next meal is coming from.  
As all this is going on, some say that they watch the news to see how it affects their route home. Their immediate concern is about ‘me,’  about ‘myself.’   
Some complain and say that more should be done, but they themselves do nothing.  They complain that others who come out to protest and show support for the government are causing traffic jams and making their lives miserable.  That these people are just a ‘nuisance.’ That they are no better than the anti-government protestors.
It shocks and surprises me.  
Are we all just so concerned about “me” about “my life” about “what I want” that we neglect and ignore the problems that are slowly coming to boil?  What about the bigger picture?  
I agree that we should take time out to have some “me” time and take care of ourselves, take care of our health, so that we may achieve all that we want to, but I think that we should also sometimes leave that “me” behind and think of the bigger picture.   Perhaps we would become better human beings.
If we don’t solve all these problems facing our society, then our lives and the future of our country will be forever changed.  I am willing to spend a couple of hours stuck in traffic if it will help make this world a better place to live.  
I also understand that if I choose not to go out, take part, and express my opinion, then I have no right to complain about the outcome.  I have to accept the outcome whether I like it or not. Don’t be a hypocrite and say things you don’t do.
Words without actions are but words.

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