Actions not Words

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m watching the news on TV.  This past hour, innocent people in the heart of the business district in BKK were injured by M79 bombs.  A succession of 5 bombs were fired on the skytrain that is used for the daily commute to work and into the crowd of pro-government protestors.  One lady has already been reported dead.  I hope she isn’t someone I know.

Red shirt protestors (anti-government) say they are “Peaceful” and say that they will utilize “NON-Violent” means to achieving their goal.  Their demand is for the parliament to be dissolved but they won’t accept a compromise.    
I find it hard to believe that they really mean what they say.  If you don’t practice what you preach, how can you have any credibility?  If you say you are peaceful, then why do you need to prepare weapons?  Why do you have all these bombs? Why injure those who disagree with you?
People have a right to their own opinion.  
On April 10, the anti-government protestors used guns and bombs to injure and kill soldiers.  They disclaim this and say that anything violent is not of their doing.  There must be “Other” people coming in “disguised” as them.   How can I believe this? 
If you really don’t want the other side to be injured and harmed and really want “peaceful” solutions then why are they cheering that the pro-government protestors are injured?  Why are you deciding to call the pro-government protestors yellow shirts and saying that they really aren’t businessmen/businesswomen and telling yourself that business people really love you.  
Its funny how people can force themselves to believe things they want to believe and actually feed themselves lies in order to feel better about it.   Like change history and say that something never happened.   The Holocaust never happened.  The red shirts never used forced. 
They just hired other people to do their dirty work.
Well, don’t lie to yourself, no matter what it is about.  Even small lies can be the catalyst that eventually fuel bigger lies.  Open you eyes,  if someone is bad, has been treating you bad and lying, don’t fool yourself and say that he is a “good” person.  If he has no morals, no values, then see it as that. 
Don’t try to be an angel.  See the truth for what it is.  Some people can’t be changed.
Its actions that matter, not words.  Peace.
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