The weather is hot in Bangkok, and emotions are even hotter.  It has been over a month since the anti-government Red Shirts have been protesting in BKK and people’s patience are running low.  The main shopping and entertainment district where Bangkokians go to relieve their stress has been closed for weeks.   Stress levels are going up.

This past week, pro-government protests have started popping up all over bangkok.  Its no longer time to just sit and watch.  If we want what’s right four our country we can’t just be sitting in front of the TV screen hoping others will do the dirty work for us.  
Anyways, something I’ve noticed with myself and others is a lot of “Emotions.”  When discussing politics we hear people who normally wouldn’t hurt a fly  say,  “Just use force and end this situation! “,  “Who do they think they are?  Why are they running around Bangkok without regard of the law?”    
Even I,  catch myself shouting and sending remarks off to the TV screen when I see images of anti-government red shirts digging up public pavement stones and smashing them into sizes appropriate for throwing at authorities.  Images of them preparing acid in bottles and sharpening sticks make me furious.  I mean, no matter what colored shirt we wear, we are all Thais and we are all people.   People of the same country, the same world for that sake, shouldn’t be harming one another.
When people from the opposing side are killed in driving accidents we start to feel some sort of pleasure and think they deserve it.  We want the other side to suffer and lose.
What is all this  “emotion” we are feeling?  What sort of person are we becoming?  How have we become all so cruel?  Is this the person we truly are?  What happened to the land of a thousand smiles? 
I think what we have to realize is that these “emotions” really are just “emotions.”  People get mad, people get angry,  and then……we say things we don’t really mean.   
When we say we want force used to disperse people, we don’t really want them to be killed. When we say we “hate” them we don’t really.  We are just expressing our distress, our annoyance, our frustration.  
Much like when we get into a fight.  We often say things we don’t really mean.  We are talking with our “emotions” rather than with our heads.  If only we all used our heads a little more, then there wouldn’t be so many fights and arguments.  We wouldn’t be wasting so much time of our short lives.
I know its lame, but I do really want “World Peace.”   
Peace for Thailand. 
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