Over Rewarding.. :P

One thing we all do when we are on a weight loss program is to reward oneself after a hard workout or when we have reached our milestones.  I celebrated with a buffet lunch after every 5 kgs and it felt great.  It motivated me to quickly reach my goal so that I could stuff myself with all the food I love.  Realizing it would be detrimental to my diet,  I made sure I ran extra both BEFORE and AFTER so that my weight won’t go up.  I also made sure it was a lunch buffet so that I would have the whole afternoon to walk it off.  Most importantly, I  ran extra the following day….

Okay so rewarding oneself at each milestone is great. It motivates us and makes our experience more enjoyable.   I love food too much to deprive myself of eating.   What we have to becareful though is of rewarding ourself too much.  
By this I mean,  becareful of how much you reward yourself even after you had a hard workout, sweated like crazy and ran more than you thought possible.    If you want to lose weight,  it is very important to control your portion sizes and what you eat.   This means, not caving into the temptation to eat that cheesecake or double fudge brownie just because you had a hard workout and truly “think” you deserve it.  Don’t cave in!
Eating all that food back in with added sugar would just set your workout back and you won’t see any results.    Drink a lot of water,  have some fruits, yogurt or a nice grilled chicken salad. You will find that your body will feel lighter and healthier 🙂  
If you are just maintaining weight, then its not much of a problem.   I just eat everything, but I control my portions and make sure I run it off.  🙂
If you are dieting, I hope you reach your weight loss goal, so that you can eat all you want to! 🙂 (in healthy portions or course!) 
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