Life is Short

I’ve just come back from another funeral this evening and funerals always remind me about the finality of death.  Once life is over, its gone and there’s nothing you can do to get it back.  

This year I’ve been going to too many funerals of close friends and family for my liking.   This evening’s funeral was especially sad as it was for Colonel Romklao Thuwatham who was a high ranking official killed in last week’s clashes with the red shirts.  He had a promising future and it is still a debate whether or not he was “accidentally” killed  or in revenge for last year’s crackdown.   What saddens me more is that I know his wife and they had been married only a little over two years.  They both had just started living their lives together to be suddenly separated.
Last year, a colleague of mine at age 29 died of cancer.   Just like that, within a couple of months after he found out, he was gone.  He had so much of life left to live.
Well, all I wanted to say today is that “Life is Short.”  If there is something you want to do, some goal you want to achieve, don’t procastinate or wait until a more “appropriate” time to do it.  If you wait, you never know what will happen, and perhaps you will never get to do it.   If you are afraid of doing something because the outcome is  simply unknown, then  you are stopping yourself from having an experience you might actually enjoy.   If you don’t like the experience you can always find a way to fix it!   The unknown and unexpected are all a part of life! Perhaps you will actually love and enjoy the new experience! 
I too have this fear of the unknown outcome.   In the past, I’d start a million projects or do them halfway without finishing because I ‘fear’ the unknown.  Alex says I’m good at doing things “in the middle.”   He’s correct.   I’ve gotten much better and now allow myself to undertake not more than 2 projects at a time.  I find it works best for me.   
I’d rather make mistakes at this age than look back on it 30 years later and think about all I should have and could have done!  My uncle said a few days before he died that he had done all he wanted to do, and that there was nothing left he wanted to do.  This is something I think is wonderful.  So get out there and start living more of life! (Me included)
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