Potato Potatoes

Potatoes are considered starchy foods like bread and many people
choose to avoid it fearing that it would make them gain weight. Well,
I have good news for you, eat potatoes!

Potatoes are nutritious and are a great source of vitamin C. The
carbohydrate gives energy whilst they are only 70 calories per
100grams. So isn't this great news?

Of course, they are great as long as you don't eat it with a huge
dollop of butter and sour cream sprinkled with bacon bits. :p The
best way to have them is baked, steamed or boiled. A great tip I
learnt from Delia Smith is not to use too much water when boiling or
to leave the potatoes soaked in water. It drains out the flavour.
Enjoy the simple flavours of potatoes and stay healthy! 🙂

Have a good weekend!