Sugar Alert

It’s the last day of the Thai New Years today and the red shirts are still here. Tomorrow the financial markets reopen and it should be interesting to see what happens. Anyways, whatever happens in politics, we still have to take care of our health!

Today I want to talk about SUGAR. A lot of friends I know consume a lot more sugar than they realize. Sugar can be found in all sorts of foods such as sodas, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, pastries, cereal, snack bars, cookies, jams, candy, sweets etc.. We even add sugar when we have coffee or tea!

How is sugar bad for you?

1) consuming sugar is consuming empty calories since they don’t have any nutrients. Therefore, sugar has no benefits for your body.

2) it gives your body “sugar highs” which gives you spikes in energy for a short period of time before the effect wears off. Once it wears off, you will find yourself suddenly fatique and exhausted.

3) It slows down your metabolism (which is extremely detrimental to your fitness plan if you are trying to lose weight). The weight gain doesn’t come immediately, but the slowed metabolism will have set the benefits of your exercise back and you will have to work harder again to lose the weight.

4) According to the National Institute of Health, “a study published in the July 9, 2002, issue of the journal Neurology shows that stroke victims who have high blood sugar have a higher risk of dying than stroke patients with normal blood sugar levels.”

5) Too much sugar can increase your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, one of the keys to having a healthy lifestyle is to minimize your consumption of sugar.

When I was young, I remember my father doing an experiment. When having his daily dose of coffee at work, which came with sachets of sugar, he would take the sugar aside and put them away in a drawer. After a few months, they filled up his drawer he had to get rid of them! Now, imagine all that sugar inside your body if you had consumed it all! Ugh! :S

If you get hungry during the day, don’t have a cake, but change your snacks to fruits instead. Just try it for a week and you see how much better you feel 😀

If you really really crave something that isn’t fruit or vegetables, then between eating carbohydrates and sugar, have some carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are better than sugar. I usually just went for some bread.

Be sugar free! 😀 (Some candies and cookies are “sugar free” but still check how much calories they are!)

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