Heat Stroke

Today is the first day of the Thai New Years so I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy New Years!! 🙂 May the upcoming year bring with it good health, happiness and all you wish for!

It is summer in Bangkok and the weather is extremely hot! It is 29 degrees celsius outside at 22.22 hrs but the forecast says it feels like 32 degrees celsius. I agree. During the daytime, it goes up to 40 degrees celsius. With this weather, people sometimes suffer from “Heat Stroke” without realizing it. In older people, it can be dangerous.

What is “Heat Stroke”? According to medicinet.com symptoms : vary depending on the cause. The dehydration associated with heat stroke can produce nausea, vomiting, headaches, and low blood pressure. This can lead to fainting or dizziness, especially if the person stands suddenly.”

This happened to me several times before already but I never realized it until I watched a documentary on health. I would suffer from severe headaches after being out in the hot weather. The documentary mentioned how sometimes our body temperature would rise without us realizing it. We are dehydrated and our bodies are unable to cool it sufficiently. Interestingly, they note that the older one gets, the less sensitive our nerves are to the rise in temperature, so we may not feel as hot as the kid next to us. They did a test on adults and found that the temperature would have to rise 5-6 degrees before the participants could feel the change whereas younger children could detect a change after only 1-2 degrees change.

So my advice for this hot weather? Keep yourself hydrated..drink lots of water, wear hats, sunglasses and try to stay in the shade. Now I have a little umbrella with me that I carry when the sun gets too hot for me! Another thing I do is take a quick cold shower from head to toe when I get back from somewhere hot. I find that my head usually remains hot and I have to cool it down.

Stay cool this summer!