No Stress :D

“Stress” is a word that we are all too familiar with. It can arise from work, family, or even external factors… It is defined as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension,” according to Interestingly, stress also means “importance or significance attached to a thing” or to place “emphasis” on something such as a syllable or a melody.

What causes “Stress”? We say “I’m stressed at work”, “I’m stress about the interview” , “I’m stressed about the political situation,” but in my opinion, what we are really saying is that these things have been bothering us. They have been bothering us because we have been thinking a lot about them and “emphasizing” them and it bothers us that we don’t have the answer, or know what the outcome will be.

We are stressed about the interview because we have spent our nights preparing for them, reading and filling our heads with information. We are stressed about politics, because we have been watching and reading the news day and night. We are stressed about that party we are hosting and if it will turn out alright because we don’t know what will happen.

Basically, everything can cause us to be “stressed”, but note…this largely depends on your own actions and if you let it get to you. Like I mentioned before, we have to be “aware” of ourselves and that includes being aware of what you are thinking and doing. In my case, I realize I have been somewhat stressed these past few days with politics in Thailand. Looking back on what is causing all my stress is that fact that I have been keeping my television on with the news channel running all day. If I’m driving, I turn the radio to the news channel. I read the news on the computer…I have drowned myself in all this news and it is only making me more stressed out because I don’t know what will happen and how things will end.

I’ve been unconsciously eating more bread than I should, (because I find carbohydrates comforting). I have been sleeping way too little and not exercising. Stress is what causes me to become unhealthy.

Today I decided to decrease my stress level and return to being healthy by going out to do some errands, buy some DVDs and go grocery shopping. I came home, turned off the news and watched my DVDs for several hours. It felt great! Tomorrow, I’m going to have to do some exercise as it is a great way to relieve stress.

So how to de-stress? I think the best way is to change our point of focus for awhile. This can be for an hour or two, or even half a day if you have time. Do something fun that gets our mind off the topic that is stressing us. Watch a movie, listen to music, and do some exercise… Go to a spa, get a massage, do your nails. Do whatever that you find pleasing for the soul. Control what goes into your mind and De-Stress!! 😀