No right or wrong

Today there were people killed on the streets of once peaceful Bangkok whose Thai name literally translates to the “City of Angels.” Democracy is relatively new in Thailand and we are going through growing pains. There is much for us to learn how to live together democratically.

When faced with images of unrest and violence it disturbs me to no end, but deep inside I knew it would one day come to this. If not sooner, later. There has to be an end, and negotiations clearly weren’t working.

Asked who is right or wrong? I say it is each and everyone of us who sit at home, watch the news, and use the computer , me included, whilst at the same time there are people struggling to survive day by day. We are so focused on our own lives, on making our own living, on caring about ourselves that we overlook our less fortunate fellow countrymen. And now they are demanding notice.

Perhaps it is time we had an education system in Thailand that imbued the concept of “Social Responsibilty.” If we are to have sustainable peace, donations aren’t enough. We must actually take the actions necessary to help those less fortunate. Of course there are already programs in place, and I admire those who are already doing it, but more action is needed…Most importantly, we must also do a re-evaluation of ourselves in the meantime. What once we thought right might not be so afterall. Who said the world was flat?

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