Know the Consequence

I just came back from a friend’s wedding this evening and it was a big Chinese dinner affair with the best of everything: suckling pig, duck, fish, shrimp, noodles, soup..etc.. There were so many dishes. How can one possibly eat all that food and remain healthy?

Having become somewhat of a health fanatic, I had to tell myself that after all that weight loss, exercise and discipline, its alright to reward yourself and enjoy some not so healthy food once in awhile. 😀 What use is it to exercise and be healthy if one cannot enjoy some simple pleasures in life every now and then?

However, don’t trick yourself and treat yourself so often that it becomes a daily affair. If its daily, we don’t consider it a “treat.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean gorging yourself on all the food that is served but do eat what you want to eat. Make sure its in moderation and know that you will keep up your exercise routine. I had a taste of almost everything that was served. However, I made sure I didn’t eat too much of any one dish. I scanned the dishes to see what was worth eating and checked the menu to see what would be served. I knew what I liked to eat and so planned my meal accordingly. If a certain dish didn’t look tasty or was something I didn’t like, I didn’t waste my calories on it. I saved my calories for the tastier dishes.

Make sure that you deserve the treat and realize the consequences. I know what happens to my body after consuming more than I should. My weight should go up by about a kilo and if I don’t exercise it off within a day or two, it will probably stay. If I reduce my portions tomorrow and do some exercise within the next few days, my weight should go back to normal. That is the consequence.

I know what will happen to my body and I am willing to accept the consequences.

I won’t complain that my weight went up, because I know what caused it to. There is no scapegoat that I can put the blame on. I ate and I gained weight. Simple as that. I caused my weight to go up, no one else did. Its all up to “ME!”

(Think in Reverse, if its up to you to gain weight, its also up to you to lose that weight :D)