Money ain’t everything

With politics as it is in Thailand, I can’t help but wonder about where this will all end. We have anti-government protestors in red shirts demonstrating on the streets and refusing to back down. We have pro-government protestors in pink shirts and white shirts protesting against the red shirts’ destructive behaviour on our economy. Then we have people like me, who don’t like either side and try to continue on with our daily lives.

How did we get here? We are in this dilemma because of Money. Wars have been fought over power and honour. They still are. Wars have just changed their battlefield. Those with money want power and those without want money. Having money alone now isn’t enough. So one must fight to get power, power that will let one can make even more money. Its a vicious cycle.

Is money and power the answer to everything? I don’t think so. How much money do you need to have in your lifetime? When is enough enough?

Once you achieve all you ever wanted, you will want even more. What you wanted before is no longer satisfying. Once you get that iphone you wanted, you then want another gadget. Once you get that bag you wanted, you then see another one you want. Nothing is ever enough.

In my thirties, I’ve evolved form my twenties. I’m currently in a phase where I don’t want or feel a need for things as much as before. (I still want an ipad) My room is filled with things I hardly use, things I’ve forgotten about. To keep it in order, I have to buy boxes to store them. If I have expensive things, I have to worry about losing them. If you have so much, eventually you have to build a bigger house to store them all. What a burden to have all these “things.”

This year, I’ve changed philosophy. No more boxes.

I decided to get rid of things inside those boxes. (I still have a lot, but its a work in progress.) I find it liberating to not have to feel attached to material things. I can’t bring all those shoes and bags with me when I die. I don’t want to have to spend my life worrying about losing something or ruining my expensive bag. Its the same with position and title. Once you die you too just turn to bone and ash.

If one were less focused on power and money, perhaps this world would be more peaceful. Thailand certainly would. At least we wouldn’t have people coming out in different coloured shirts. I’m hoping and wishing that I won’t have to get rid of all my clothes and wear something without colour?

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