No Skins Please

I went grocery shopping today and bought a "herbal" or "organic"
chicken. Apparently it was raised on herbs and not injected with
hormones or antibiotics that make it gain weight fast. I've had it a
few times already and really like the fact that it is lean eventhough
it is roughly 30% more expensive. I also think it tastes better but
I'm not sure if its just psychological.

Anyways, I wanted to say that a very simple way of cutting out
unnecessary calories and fat from one's diet is to eat skinless lean
meats. That means no crispy chicken skin or skins in hainese chicken
dishes. Avoid peking duck or suckling pigs. If there is skin on
any meat (fish skin excluded as they have good fat) I take it out and
I cut down the number of empty calories I consume by more than half.
For a seving size of 100g the skins alone are 154 cals with 124 cals
coming from fat. Skinless chicken breasts are only 110 cals and have
merely 22 cals of fat (according to caloriecount). The fat in
chicken skin, duck skin, and pig skin are simply unnecessary.

I know the skins when fried or roasted are tasty..but just avoid them
and limit your portions. Look after your health! Once you get used
to pushing the skins off, you wouldn't want to eat them again. šŸ™‚ No
skins please!

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