A Sense of Fashion

You might wonder “What does a post about fashion have to do with weight loss?” Well, the topic popped up as I pondered the benefits of weight loss. We all know weight loss improves one’s good health, lowers the possibility of heart disease..blah blah blah… we know the benefits all too well, but WHAT DO I REALLY ENJOY MOST?

I know I’ve given a great gift to myself by looking after my health, but the truth of the matter is: I enjoy most being able to wear almost anything I want to.

I like the feeling of walking into a clothing store, seeing a nice blouse, dress or pants that hit my fancy and then being able to try it on.

I like asking for a size that the shops have and not having to squeeze myself into clothes that are too small for me.

I like not having to come out of the fitting room, and realize that the nice dress didn’t look good on me because of my size.

I like not having to worry about finding clothes that will hide that “big thigh” or the “flab” around my tummy.

I like wearing pants that can be low rise, instead of always having to look for waist high pants.

I like wearing shorts and skirts shorter than my knees.

I like trying on sleeveless shirts and cardigans that don’t emphasize the size of my arms.

I like to wear pencil skirts rather than A-line or pleated skirts that hide my thighs.

I like to dress up.

I used to tell myself and others around me, that losing weight wasn’t that big a deal for me because I dress “conservative.” I didn’t need to follow the fashion because it was just a trend. I dressed “classic.” However, my classic was almost always shirts with either black pants or black skirts. Black because they slimmed down my thighs. The skirts had to be either A-line or pleated. Horizontal lines were forbidden because they emphasized my size.

So many conditions. I didn’t like shopping for clothes. I shopped shoes and bags.

Now, I can shop anything I want and wear anything I want. This is what I enjoy most about being slim. Having a good health is important, VERY important, but I must admit I enjoy being able to dress a bit more fashionably. Which girl doesn’t??

Walk into a clothing store and imagine yourself wearing that dress you like. Imagine yourself having reached your weight loss goal. Think of all the possibilities out there! If you dare, imagine yourself in a bikini. 😀

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