Cause or Effect ?

Today I went golfing (actually went to take photos in a golf cart) and an interesting thought flashed across my mind as I watch the many types of golfers out there on the green. Most people chose to walk the 18 hole course while some chose to rent the cart. I noticed that those renting the carts were usually “bigger” in size and overweight which made me wonder…did they decide to rent carts because they found the walk tiring (which it is in the hot sun!) or was it because they weren’t very active people to begin with that caused them to gain weight easily. What came first? An inactive lifestyle or the big size that became an obstacle to becoming active?

Looking back on my own experience I think its a mixture of the two. I wasn’t a very active child and so gained weight easily. The more weight I gained, the more I didn’t feel like being very active because it was just too much trouble. I’d get tired easily and it felt easier to just sit around and not walk as much. As I did, I gained more weight. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Now that I know how much effort is required, how much hard work it is to lose weight, I find myself being much more active. I don’t want to get caught in the vicious cycle of weight gain. I walk to places nearby, take the skytrain, find reasons to move around. At work, if I’m going to a meeting 2 floors away, I’d just take the stairs versus the elevator. Before, I’d just wait for the elevator. (Taking the stairs is also environmentally friendly as we help conserve energy!)

I find that being active helps keep my metabolism running and my weight in check. A few calories burned here and there add up and are especially important if you are trying to lose weight. Every little calorie counts, whether its consumed or burned.. Don’t get obsessed though, just remind yourself that the more active you are, the easier losing weight becomes. 🙂

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