A Funny Thing About Bone Structure

It's friday so I thought I'd share a story about bone structure that
always makes me smile 🙂 Since I can remember I have always been
considered "big" for Thai standards but that was always attributed to
the fact that I grew up in europe and the US. People would tell me I
had a "big" bone structure and that I shouldn't worry about losing
weight even though I was overweight. Friends and family had reached
the conclusion that I was "big" because of my bone structure.

I thought so too. I didn't have that small waist or toned arms because
of my big bone structure. Those people born with small bone structures
were of course naturally small, something I wouldn't be.

Anyways, let me ask you a question.Can bone structure change in size after we have passed the age of puberty? Your immediate answer would be "Of course not!" Well apparently mine changed. 14 kgs lighter I am now getting comments on my "small" bone structure and slim body. 🙂

Prior to my weight loss I had a "big" bone structure, but now that I've lost 14kgs my bone structure has miraculously become "small." 🙂 Isn't that funny? I guess its all a matter of perspective. We often fool ourselves and hide from the truth that we are overweight with all sorts of funny reasons such as "I have big bone structure." 🙂