Get the Right Shoes

A great benefit from running that I haven’t mentioned before is that your metabolism continues on burning calories for roughly an hour afterward!! Isn’t that wonderful?? Don’t eat right away as it will stop the calories from being burned. Use the time to shower and change before you start eating to make the most of your workout. Drink water though so you won’t be dehydrated.

Another very important element to running that most people overlook is to have the right Running SHOES! I used to just wear my old trainers that I’ve had for years but they weren’t running shoes and they didn’t cushion my feet very well. I was heavy, had a wide foot and weak ankle. I needed a shoe that fit me well and would cushion my feet against impact from running.

I got Asics as they are wide and stabilize my feet well. The gel bottom also help soften the impact from my running. They were expensive, actually the most expensive shoe I ever bought, but I love them and they are great for me when running. They gave me a totally new running experience. The old trainers would make my feet feel heavy and slow..My Asics had a shape that was conducive to running and made life easier. You may think its all my “head” but give it a try!

Everyone has different shaped feet so find the shoe that is right for you. Here’s a link to a great article by Runner’s World Magazine on how to find the right shoe for you.,7120,s6-240-319–7726-0,00.html#

Also, its important to find out what kind of arch you have. Do you have a high arch or are you flat footed? Take the wet test 🙂

Invest in a new shoe for your health 🙂 Don’t skimp on the only gear you need for Running! You will feel its worth it once you lose the weight you want to 🙂

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