I Feel Good…Yeah!

With so many choices awaiting our decisions each day, sometimes we end up making choices because its something others want us to do. A suggestion or advice given with the best of intentions because others “think” it is best for us. Long-term sustainable weight loss from my experience is something you have to do, not because you are told to do it,but because YOU truly want to do it, because you think its BEST FOR YOU.

A lot of times you might see yourself relative to another person and wonder why others can eat more than you and not gain weight? How do they remain so skinny? For me, a large part to my success was that it was a personal goal. I lost weight for myself, because it made me feel good, and I felt good doing it. You should want to feel good about weight loss, and you should! DO IT FOR YOURSELF. (Might sound a little selfish, but hey its your health! You aren’t bothering anyone else with it)

Some may say: “I’ve tried all sorts of diets, but they never work.I never finish them.” My reply is to take small steps and BE PATIENT. Taking small little steps is important because once those little steps start giving you results, you will feel encouraged. Once you feel encouraged, you will take more action to help you lose weight further. And while you are taking these small little steps, you FEEL GOOD about yourself. Feeling good about yourself, you taken even more actions toward reducing your weight. It becomes a never ending cycle that only makes you feel good about yourself. Only then will your diet work. The stream of positive energy will just keep pushing you on and on until before you know it, you DID IT! The only reason you would fail is if you stopped. If you stop, but then got up and continued on then you would succeed. Think about it! Its all a matter of perspective 😀