The Miracle of Water

It occurred to me that I didn’t quite emphasize enough the importance of drinking enough water in my last entry so here goes: Our body is roughly 70 percent water which means that our cells need water to function properly. We need it to carry oxygen and nutrients to our organs, flush out the toxins, regulate body temperature and keep our joints well lubricated.

So how does water help weight loss? Well for one thing, it flushes out the toxins in our bodies and excess salt, which we know makes our bodies store water. If you don’t have enough water for your kidney to flush out the toxins, then your liver has to work extra hard and can’t metabolize your fat as well as it should. So you end up storing more fat and water than you need to.

Another important point is that water suppresses appetite. I realized that I used to eat when I felt ‘hungry’ when in fact I was ‘thirsty.’ Listen to your body and you’d be surprise.

How much water should you drink? Recommendations average around 8-10 glasses a day or roughly one large bottle of water (1.6 Litre)I drink a bit more..around 2 Litres a day now when before I had only 1-2 glasses a day.

When I first started increasing my water intake I noticed that I had to keep going to the bathroom after every glass. It may be annoying, but think of it this way. When you drink too little water, your body goes into “starvation” mode and stores all the water it can. When you start to drink more water, it realizes it doesn’t have to store water anymore and flushes out the excess water that was stored all around your body. After a few weeks and months of increased water intake you should notice that your trips to the bathroom become less frequent. Now I can drink almost a liter of water before I need to go relieve myself.

Water also makes your skin clearer and brighter as your cells are hydrated and without toxins. It also hydrates sagging skin. Now you may think of substituting water with sodas and caffeinated drinks, but with sodas, fruit punches, you will be taking in more calories than you need. Sugar as I mentioned before slows down your metabolism, gives you sugar rushes and gives you added calories. Caffeine, gives you the impression you are hydrated when really you are dehydrated so you end up not having enough water. Nutritionists call this effect “diuretic.” So avoid caffeine if you can.

Some may say water is tasteless, so just add a slice of lemon to it. Have it cold or warm. I personally like warm water because I can drink more of it easily, but some say your body absorbs cold water more easily. I think for our purposes of weight loss, just drink as much water as you can.

Don’t drink it all at one sitting as it may cause your cells to lose balance and give you the effect of ‘drowning.’ This happened to a girl who entered a water drinking contest last year, it caused her cells to lose balance and she died. I forgot the details but remembered the lesson. Therefore space out your water drinking throughout the day. Carry the bottle around with you and drink it when you remember! Try it!

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2 thoughts on “The Miracle of Water

  1. This is a normal effect when you first start drinking more water than your body is used to. Lacking water, your body went into "starvation" mode and stored water around your body. It is now flushing out excess water. You should find yourself taking fewer trips to the toilet within 1-2 weeks 🙂

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