Self Awareness

Self awareness is the first step towards successful weight loss. You may say you are aware of yourself, but are you aware always? I sure wasn’t. I started slowly and simply. I wrote down everything I ate and drank for a week. I kept a little journal where I would write down foods I ate, their portion size (just estimate) and also the mood at the time.

Interestingly, I discovered I drank too little water, had a fair amount of sweets and just ate large portion sizes..even if it was healthy food. I did a lot of senseless eating, especially after a tiring day..I’ll sit on the couch and just gobble something. I snacked between meals on carbs and blended juices. It surprised me as I always thought I was someone who didn’t each much and that all the food I had was healthy. There was a lot I had to learn..juices when blended in ice with added syrup isn’t healthy. The sugar slowed down my metabolism, gave me sugar rushes that quickly dissipated only to be filled with sugar again.

Water was the key. I drank more water when I was craving something and usually it worked wonders. My body craved water, but instead I had stuffed it with food.
Lesson 1: Drink lots of plain water….slow down and think before you put something in your mouth.

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